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Too many toys?


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Gotta trim down and maybe upgrade to a basser?


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Did I read that correctly? Too many toys? I thought he who dies with the most toys wins!
Well - I still may win that bet yet!! Trying to cut down the licensing, boat registrations, insurance and 3 states worth of Mussel fees!!🤬 Also one of 3 trucks so I can upgrade to better gear!!


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Where is the Bayliner located? Pictures? My Brother-in-law is looking for a bowrider, he lives in the Phoenix area.

Keith Stockman

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I'm not sure there is such a thing as "too many toys." But I might make an exception for an old Bayliner, even a good one. My first trip to LP was in 1984 in a buddy's Bayliner I/O, and I just don't have fond memories of that boat. It did get me hooked on Lake Powell, though, so maybe I'm being too harsh.


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Everyone has their good/bad experiences with different boats. BIG difference between an 84 IO, and a good reliable '20 Merc OB!! Bought this one new and it has been very reliable. Been thru some MONGO LP wind storms and faired very well. Good starter/family boat - well equipped - just need to move on!! BTW all new flooring and carpet last year!!


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Found a couple pics.


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With the current market, I’d wait about 3 weeks and list the Bayliner on Craigslist. At that price it will sell very quickly. Honestly if it were my boat I’d probably start closer to $9000. There is no used inventory and boats prices are inflated due to Covid.