This weekend

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Weather looks good, going to make my first trip of the year with my kid. I even broke down and bought anchovies. Hopefully we can make something happen without resorting to using them.
What are you going to be targeting before the chovies come out. Probably about anything.
We will be running out of wahweap in a mostly gold Skeeter. Before kids I liked to focus on smallmouth and walleye. The kid wants striper, so we will try to track them down.
Went straight to the anchovies when we got here at 3:00. It was just like the other reports aid, skinny fish every second or third cast.

Tomorrow we'll try to find some other ways to do it.
where are you fishing when you were carching every second or third cast? Did you catch any healthy looking fish
Saturday report:

We started back near the dam for about an hour, and fishing was about the same as Friday evening.

We made the questionable call to leave that bite and go look for other fish. We trolled in dry rock creek for about 45 minutes, graphed a couple small groups of fish but only caught one small striper.

We ran back to bouy 25 and tried trolling without success. When I started seeing fish on a shelf, I backed off and was able to catch them casting jerkbaits. I could only catch them at the end of a very long cast, and my son couldn't duplicate it so we moved on.

We got back to the dam around 1, and struggled for an hour. Then a school moved through and it was nearly every cast for long enough to fill both live wells. Even though most were skinny, my son insisted we bring some home. Eventually the bite shut down and we left after blanking for a half hour.
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