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We are plan to go bullfrog this is weekend, we want to catch some fish. Should we go good hope bay or Escalante ? How far from Bullfrog to Escalante ? Thank you.
Escalante starts at MM 68, so around 30 miles to the mouth of the canyon. Quite a few recent posts about what is going on in GHB. Good luck.
Thank you very much Ryan, we just worry about mudline will affect our fishing if we go to good hope bay, we don't have much experience fishing at this mudline condition.
What is your target species? If targeting bass then clear water rocky structure where spawning beds can be seen is the best. That would be main channel/main canyon rocky outcroppings any where from Bullfrog to lower Good Hope or Escalante to Bullfrog. Lots of places. Bass fishing is really good right now in clear water in the afternoons.

Stripers - best recent reports were trolling in the back of Bullfrog Bay. I would also try bays in Halls Creek, Lake Canyon, Slick Rock and Iceberg. My reports are second hand uplake as I have not personally fished up there this spring.
I want to say thank you Ryan and Wayne for the information share about spring lake Powell fishing. We finally decide to give a try on Escalante river arm, we caught lots smallmouth bass and crappie. I think the fishing increases when we found the green water about 2ft visible.


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