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This is related to Lake Powell issues ...

bob london

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Hi, again. Does anyone know what the plan was here?


This is up North Wash just to the west of U-95 and the Sandthrax campground. There's at least fifteen of these grids in that area.

It appears that some idiot has spent big money grading the land and laying out a plan for imaginary communities to thrive in the desert and pop down to Reservoir Powell to cool off.

Check it out. Insane.

Laters :)

The Oracle

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Hey, that's really cool! Thanks for pointing them out. Seismology??? Looking forward to any intel others may provide. (I am 'guestimating' those layouts are at least 40 years old)


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There are a number of those phantom communities in the US. Check out California City, CA (Mojave Desert), or Rio Blanco, NM. The developer / huckster buys some land for cheap, subdivides, puts in some marginal roads, and sells lots in their "Sunshine Acres" development, with the purchasers often buying sight unseen. The funny part is that some of these communities have street views for the grid, with no homes built.


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I see quite a few of those grids in the area. Looking carefully, they are fainter than constructed roads. Maybe somebody from Hanksville would have a little more information. I would be more inclined to say seismological surveys after seeing them myself on Google maps. The road access from the highway looks pretty subtle.


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Looks like it could be a series of pads/grids for insitu solution mining? There is an old processing plant just north of Ticaboo. Saw similar tracts up north of Casper in the 70's. They appear to be connected by straight lines = pipelines???? Down Trachyte Point road. They did pretty amazing things back in the 50's to explore and get the green ore!!

bob london

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Hey, that's really cool! Thanks for pointing them out. Seismology??? Looking forward to any intel others may provide. (I am 'guestimating' those layouts are at least 40 years old)

Yeah, these tracks look just as beaten up in the aerials from 1993 but every one of them is in place. They can't be pre-dam, surely, but could be from the mid-60s or into the 70s?

I had another *coughs* quick scoot around the area on Google and there is probably between thirty and forty of these groupings of perfectly aligned tracks. If they were to do with seismology, prospecting, mining, whatever, why are they laid out in such an orderly fashion?

Getting down to 'ground level' near one of these mysterious features appeared to show that the land had, indeed, been worked on to provide a level bed (nearside to offside) for these tracks as they climbed a gentle slope.

Then there's this. Here is another little cluster of these features. The central one has been bisected by the 276 state route:

Tracks bisected.jpg

What, if anything, does this tell us? Are these patterns definitely pre-late 60s?

Here's what one of these <strike>alien</strike> human-made tracks looks like from the pavement of 276:

Track from 276.jpg

Beautiful, isn't it? After hours of 'research' I'm still none the wiser as to what it all means. Someone has gone to great lengths to lay out these tracks - mile upon mile of them.

Was this the work of an ambitious developer with dollar signs in his, or her, eyeballs looking to capitalise on the rising Lake Powell a few miles away? To me, it does look like the layout for a massive housing estate. Maybe, when the drugs had worn off, they realised the folly of their efforts and quit while they were down.

Are these tracks to do with government research of some sort? Or a mining company prospecting for riches? I'm not sure. The layout is too precise and deliberate.

Aliens? Possibly. Maybe they abandoned their, peaceful, proto-city when the first BoR chap to arrive took a dump on, what was to become, Main Street.

I'm going off on one.

Summing up: I reckon this was all laid out in the mid-sixties, much like Wahweap, to capitalise on the rising reservoir. Whoever did it spent huge amounts of money but soon realised that twenty thousand people were not about to buy a plot in the middle of nowhere just because there was a reservoir on the doorstep.


P.S. If anyone has some definitive information on this I'm all ears :)

bob london

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Looks like searching for uranium in the 40’s and 50’s, there are probably 4” wells used for seismic or physical testing there too. Saw a special on the history channel that showed much the same thing a couple weeks ago. That’s my two cents worth.

Sounds feasible.

Edit: Yeah, looking at it with my beer googles only half full, that's surely the marks leftover from U prospecting in the fifties.
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I am pretty sure that they are either mining or oil/gas exploration seismology. When I was a kid Exxon came out to our ranch and and drilled a bunch of 100 ft holes where they dropped a stick of dynamite in. They looked extremely close to these patterns, they would then detonate them all at once and record it with the seismograph. Then Exxon would come back with a lease offer. Dworwood might be able to shed some light on this. They don’t look like the old avaiation markers that were used in the 30’s and 40’s.