The dam floats are floating away

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by Cliff, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Cliff

    Cliff Well-Known Member

    Just drove over the bridge and see the floats and chains are broken away from the east wall and floating away!
  2. birdsnest

    birdsnest Well-Known Member

    That won't last long
  3. Dungee Fishing

    Dungee Fishing Well-Known Member

    That's phase one in the monkey wrench gang plan.
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  4. VanillaIceCream

    VanillaIceCream Well-Known Member

    We saw that too as we were down there in the boat today..I really wanted to pull them back and retie them temporarily on the east side that had broken loose and let NPS know...but wife said we'd probably get in we let them be and went off to Navajo Canyon.

  5. Cliff

    Cliff Well-Known Member

    They got fixed today!