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Tagged Walleye in GHB

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wayne gustaveson

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I am not sure I have posted this and apologize to the sender if I have not. In going back over my email, I found the info but not the name of the person that caught this tagged walleye. ( I get a lot of email :D )

Here is the information:

We were in good hope bay from 4/25 to 4/29 the weather was great on the first 2 days and we landed 30 plus walleyes each day. Most fish were caught on bottom bouncers 2 oz and crawler harnesses. the next 2 days were tougher as wind was a factor but still scratched out a dozen a day. Orange with hammered silver blade was good as was white with same blade chartreuse and green was also good. Right before night we were throwing husky jerks to shore and picking up a few. Jigging also produced a few during the wind. Look for rocks that are round and river looking as that was where the fish seemed to be concentrated. Red Canyon has several areas like this and produced many fish.

Question for Wayne we caught a tagged walleye. The tag was red and the number was 2011. The fish was in red canyon and I love to know where he was tagged.

Answer: Fish was caught in Red Canyon (11/2/16 to 4/25/18) in a gill net, tagged and returned.
The fish did not migrate at all. He must like Red Canyon!

PS- If you caught this walleye in Red Canyon please chime in here and take credit for it.


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