Stripers, where are they at?


Heading to Page this weekend for a job. Dragging my bass boat incase I have time to fish. Anyone have any idea where the stripers are at? Besides in the water..... I'll be putting in at Wahweep. Thanks!


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Watch for Wayne’s report this week. Last year at the beginning of June I could catch strippers consistently by the dam and I think there is a good chance you could get into at least a few strippers by the dam. I’m on the lake now and will share if I find some strippers. I’m mostly here for my smallmouth fix but did pick up some anchovies. I might try graphing some strippers in the next couple days closer to wahweap.


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If they have spawned which I dont know yet, they likely are in the back of the canyon finding shad that have just spawned or hopefully small slurps might be starting if the shad spawn went off in the magnitude I am hoping for.


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Zero slurps seen in the last 2 days of fishing in San Juan. I saw constant slurps last year mid June in the same areas I’ve been fishing this trip.


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I tried graphing stripers and didn’t find anything on the graph that had me excited enough to soak some anchovies. I caught one striper on the up lake point at the mouth of Navajo Canyon on a Ned Rig. I put out some anchovies there and no other stripers after about 20 minutes.

I’m camped at the up lake mouth of the Castle Rock cut tonight were the channel depth is about 50 feet deep and so far have caught two 18” stripers on anchovies on what I would estimate is 20-25 feet deep.

I did not check out the dam area this trip.

wayne gustaveson

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6 stripers were caught this morning at the dam BUT on the shady side.
Here is a great striper hint: Fish in the shade during early morning hours to find cooperative stripers. I caught them trolling and spooning from 6-7 AM. Ended up with 10 ripe male stripers before the sun hit the water and ended striper fishing for the day.