Striper Swagger in Boils

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wayne gustaveson

Staff member
Shad and stripers are going head to head in the boils. Shad are large and fast enough to swim away from attacking stripers. Stripers therefore try to maim as many shad as possible by eating some on the initial attack but also whacking as many as possible with their body and tail. Injured shad do not swim as fast and can be eaten after the main boil subsides.

You will see evidence of this whacking behavior when hooking boiling stripers in the side. It took me a very long time to bring this striper to the boat with both hooks in the side. It was like pulling in a plank instead of a swimming fish.

Large surface lures are working great. Old school lures like the Rebel jumping minnows and Super Spooks cast far and catch fish.

Not open for further replies.