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Stateline Ramp Update (NPS)

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News Release - UPDATE
Contacts: General Park Information: 928-608-6200
Media Inquiries only: Mary Plumb, GLCA_media@nps.gov

Stateline Auxiliary Ramp Extension
PAGE, AZ – Boaters are advised that construction activities to extend the Stateline Auxiliary Ramp will begin on Monday, October 11, 2021. Please adhere to all construction signage and guidance. The ramp will be extended in one-half increments with two lanes remaining open to the launch and retrieval of vessels. No full closures of the ramp are anticipated while extension activities are underway. However, delays may occur due to temporary lane closures. This phase of the ramp extension is expected to be complete by October 30, 2021. Subsequent extensions will take place as water levels allow. The National Park Service and its partner, Aramark, are grateful for your patience and cooperation. For real-time updates on all Lake Powell launch ramps, please continue to visit Changing Lake Levels - Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service)

-----------------Release Issued September 30, 2021-----------

Stateline Auxiliary Ramp Open to All Boats October 1

PAGE, AZ – As previously announced, the National Park Service at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, in partnership with NPS-concessioner Aramark, is excited to open the rehabilitated Stateline Auxiliary Ramp to all vessels beginning October 1.

According to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Superintendent William Shott, “Opening the Stateline Auxiliary Ramp to all vessel types achieves our goal to continue providing boater access to South Lake Powell even at historic low lake levels. We thank our partners at Aramark for helping with this significant accomplishment. The reach of this boat ramp will help ensure Lake Powell tourism remains an economic engine for the region.”

The Stateline Auxiliary Ramp is located within the park’s Wahweap District, the highest visitation area of Lake Powell, and is accessed via Highway 89 near Page, Arizona. There will not be limits on operating hours and boaters do not need to contact the National Park Service to schedule their activities. The Stateline Auxiliary Ramp is accessed from the Stateline Main Ramp. Boaters are asked to please prepare all boats in the Stateline Main Ramp parking lot before accessing the auxiliary ramp. Boat launch and retrieval will only occur on installed boiler plate materials and the useable area will be marked.

There will not initially be a courtesy dock at this new ramp. Therefore, no solo launching will be allowed until a courtesy dock is installed. You must have a boat operator and vehicle driver present to launch a vessel of any size. Please check Changing Lake Levels - Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service) for updates about the status of courtesy docks at the Stateline Auxiliary Ramp.

Due to the availability of Stateline Auxiliary Ramp, the Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp will close to public use on October 1 until further notice.

It is imperative that boaters check the park’s website about the status of Stateline Auxiliary Ramp and other launch destinations before heading to the lake. Real-time information is available on our website about Lake Powell’s fluctuating water levels and the status of water-based visitor services at this link: Changing Lake Levels - Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service).

wayne gustaveson

Staff member
Update on the Ramp! There are now two courtesy docks available and in use at the new Stateline Auxiliary Ramp. This ramp is working extremely well and providing quick launch and retrieve opportunities for Lake Powell boaters in the Southern lake.
The ramp is still only two lanes at a time because NPS continues to pour new cement ramps. These pictures show the new concrete pad and the docks.





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Thanks for the pics.....and Thank you, NPS.

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