Stanton Creek

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Heading to Stanton Creek in the morning, never been there, any last minute advice? Heard that you can launch a boat there, would it be an ok spot unloading by myself?
Thinking of fishing around there and maybe a couple of canyons up river, is there much of a chance of finding any walleyes? One more question, if you are looking out of BF marina how if the bay to the right for fishing? Thanks for the info, hope it's a great 4-5 days.
That's a tough question as for launching. If you are by yourself that presents a problem if you can't launch there.
It really depends on how many other campers are there and if all the decent spots are taken. There are several areas where it is possible, but at different lake levels it changes.
If you get there and can't find a spot, you might ask some of the people that are at the good spots if you can use their spot briefly- I've met a lot of great people there as that's where I always stay (since the early 90's)

I have never fished to the right of Bullfrog, so can't help there. But we've done pretty well right around the Stanton area on days we didn't travel much.
Hope you have a great trip.
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