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  1. Canyonbats

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    Did anything ever come of the effort to name a feature after Stan Jones?
  2. potter water

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    Hopefully not. Haven't heard anything since it was first broached. Many, me among them, aren't in favor of naming features in parks after commercial operators, no matter how much beloved. Also, I think naming features after politicians is silly. I'm personally in favor of leaving many features unnamed and allowing each individual to come up with their own. My wife's name is on several features on our own Powell navigation maps. I think that in the Grand Canyon and Colorado area, including Lake Powell, if something has to be named, the feature itself may provide clues to a name, or major features could be named after true and proven national heroes including many of the unsung Native American tribes and individuals who populated the area. Well, I've preached rather than knowing the answer to your question and I apologize for that.
  3. capt.catfish

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    I don't know if there is anything in process, but any natural feature name must be approved by the Board of Geographic Names ( and doing a search under domestic names returns no results for Stan Jones. Naming geographic features is a very involved process with a lot of rules and requirements, but looking at the regulations it seems like Stan Jones meets the BGN's requirements for Commemorative Naming. That being said, it is still a very involved process with a lot of hurdles.
  4. We got a good way through the process with the Board of Geographic Names to rename an existing landmark that had reasonable access and needed some loving care as a special place but there were some sensitive political issues that we did not want to stir up. So our plan now is to go with Stan Jones Friendship Cove since that was a special place the he frequented and named on his map.
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  5. Waterbaby

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    That was Papa Jack's favorite spot on the lake as well.
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    Dang it! Once again, I am sitting here agreeing with Potter Water. I will say, however, that regardless of what the official name is, I too have our personal names for a heavy part of the landscape at Lake Powell. For example, we visit Macanudo Cove, Sweetwater Cove, Mollie's Nipple (not my name, but Cookie Jar Butte's original name), just to name a few...
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    Ha! As usual I find myself disagreeing with Potter Water, even though we share the same last name. I don't think that finding a way to make money from one's passion should preclude gaining recognition for a job well done. After all, most explorers, Christopher Columbus included, had a profit motive before setting off. Others made money on the back end by writing books or delivering speeches. Even those unsung Native Americans Harry speaks of were out exploring in order to put food on the table. On the other hand, I do agree with not naming places after politicians, unless, maybe, they have been dead for 100 years or more.
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  8. wayne gustaveson

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    How about Page, AZ?

    Or Carl Hayden visitors center?

    My favorite is Grosvenor Arch in Butler Valley that used to be called Butler Arch.

    Names are interesting!
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  9. Ryan

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    I think Stan Jones is more than worthy to have a feature named after him.

    And I don't think "profit" is a dirty word.

    Finally, just because something has a formal name, doesn't mean you have to call it that if you have a pet name for it. I love when someone (usually Wayne) posts the photo of Sentinel(?) rock, at the beginning of Cha. But, to my group, it will always be known as "donniker" rock.....
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