Special Morning

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My sweetheart and I escaped a couple of weeks ago and headed up to Willow Creek Canyon off the Escalante Arm where we camped for the night. The next morning we turned up Bishop Canyon where we were met with one of those truly incredible dead flat calm water mornings where the water reflections we absolutely mind boggling.

This is an experience everyone should get to have at least once. The pictures just do not do it justice. It reminds me of an IMAX theatre flying over the Grand Canyon when you look over the bow of the boat. It looks like you are gazing down several thousand feet.

Ok, this crazy looking dude is actually a reflection rotated 90 degrees.

The angle of the sun in the fall contributes to the effect.

This one kind of looks like a space battle cruiser gliding over the earth
I have only experienced this a few times at the lake. To me, determining shoreline can be challenging when it's this calm. I would not trade it for anything though.
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