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    We had family come down from Alaska and decided to make a quick one day trip on Friday the Second. Three of them had never had the joy of seeing Lake Powell and my father and mother in law have not been there since they were in high school. We launched from the State Line just before 8 and then traveled up lake to buoy 25. We fished the point by the wall and drifted along it with the help of a little breeze. I got the rods hooked up and passed one to my brother in law, within 30 seconds he was hooked up. We spent the first few hours there and landed just under 30 fish. Most were healthy, but 5 were skinny and I cut them up for bait. After lunch we headed back down to Navajo Canyon and tried our luck at the second corner past the twin islands. Again I threw some chum out at the point and began drifting over the shelf along the wall. As soon as the lines got down to the 30-40' range the fish were on. We landed another 30 fish and then called it a day. In all most fish were in the two to four pound range and gave us good fillets. Thanks for this wonderful site and all the updates to help us catch fish. IMG_0861.JPG IMG_0887.JPG IMG_0891.JPG IMG_0877.JPG
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    Great Pictures. It is so much fun to see the smiles. Thank you.
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    I think every person that gets to see the smiles and hear the gratitude from folks like you are paid back tenfold for helping those who ask for it. I get almost as much joy from hearing about those who get to see this beautiful lake
    as I do being there myself. You are truly blessed to be able to be "the guy" who made their experience possible. Kudos
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