South end report 3/9 - 3/10

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The kids had a couple days out of school, so we decided to run to Powell for the weekend. The weather looked really good for Friday and Saturday. We made a run to Rainbow Bridge first thing on Friday, then spent a few hours in the afternoon fishing Rock Creek. We trolled around looking for fish. We picked up a couple using some Norman divers. The fish were in about 18' of water. We made a couple passes, and picked up a few fish. I honestly thought we had it figured out. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any consistency. We'd pick 1 fish up, see a few on the sonar and attempt to spoon, only find a barren bottom. We never could get them (or find them) while spooning.

On Saturday we decided to run to the back of Navajo. We had better success there. We started the day off with a double hook-up. Fish were hanging on the humps where depth went from 30' to 15'. We could consistently get fish trolling back and forth over these humps. We also found fish around the last corner in the brown water in 15'. Again, we were trolling Norman divers. Chartreuse was definitely the best color for us. Most of the fish were in really good shape -- I only tossed two down the grinder without filleting them. Fishing wasn't "hot" but it was good enough to keep my girls interested in fishing.

Water temps were about 51 degrees. The Lake was nice and glassy. It was a great trip.

Here are a few fishing pictures
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you know what the rain does to the colors of the red-rocks!

We had reservations to go see upper Antelope Canyon. The rain had nearly stopped by 10am. The tour of the canyon was fantastic!
There was also a really nice waterfall pouring over the canyon rim just below the dam (east side). I'm guessing it was mostly gutter / storm runoff -- but it was pretty cool!
We had an awesome trip - that rain did very little to dampen our spirits.

By the time we had lunch, then went and hooked up to the boat to go home, the roads were dry. The boat is still nice and clean! (thanks for the ice and parking spot!)
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