Some of you might remember the heavy handed BLM agent

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Issues' started by Gem Morris, Feb 5, 2017.

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    Dan Love is accused of using his position to secure preferential treatment for his family during the 2015 Burning Man event in Nevada, including using federal law enforcement officers as personal escorts for their safety, using his BLM vehicle to transport his girlfriend and allowing her to share overnight BLM lodging with him.

    Love has been at the center of multiple complaints by rural sheriff offices in Utah about the deteriorating relationship between the BLM and their officers. They've cited Love in particular for an attitude they say is dismissive and uncooperative. At least one county sheriff and six county commissioners traveled to Washington, D.C., in 2014 to express their frustration and ask for his removal.

    Love was involved in the armed standoff on the Utah-Nevada border with the Cliven Bundy family .. then was found to have manipulated the hiring process so his friend got a job at the agency, even though the man was not as qualified as other applicants and received an unfavorable recommendation by another employer.

    The report also noted several instances of threatened retaliation by Love — who has since been removed from his post — to the point where one colleague said she began locking the door to her office.

    The agent also is accused of bragging that he "owned" the national director of BLM's Office of Law Enforcement and Security and that nothing would happen to him.

    Love told the woman she better do damage control after the investigation began in 2015. Once he was removed from his position, she said he told her: “You know, if you don’t side with me, grenades are going to go off and you’ll get hit."
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    You know Love used to work as Chief of Staff for Reid and Reid maneuvered to put him in charge of BLM over more qualified individuals.
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    Just saw in the Republic tonight, it looks like SHTF is happening soon! This thug should be going to prison for a long time, and the Bundys and their supporters will be aquitted! We are slowly getting our country back! Maybe Reid will go down, too! (I can dream!)
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    Do you have a link? When you think how close they came to people losing their lives over the Bundy situation, but also the animals needlessly run down by helicopters and killed and the damage to the Bundy and other ranchers livelihoods, they deserve this to be resolved... then there is still the issue of what happened up in Oregon, too. What happened there with the shooting of Finicum was all recorded, should have been resolved long ago.

    found it
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