Snowpack is looking grim

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The high pressure that is blocking the storms from the western US and shunting the cold air throughout the east coast needs to break down! Up here in the Upper Green River drainage, we have lots of snow up high, but most of that fell in early November. As I write this it is 45 degrees in Pinedale, which is about 20 degrees above average. I read somewhere that the snowpack in southern UT is near an all time low. Lets hope for a change in the pattern!!!!


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On the Eastern slope of Co. we have no snow on the ground, in the woods, at 9000' west of Evergreen. We need it bad to help quell the fire danger. High today was 48* and no snow expected for at least a week or more. It is more like springtime than winter. Co. snowpack is only at 53% statewide. Sq
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Not unexpected - when they announced we had entered into La Nina the odds became strong for a colder and snowier than average Eastern coast and a dry and warm West. Exactly what we have going on. This also drastically affects our monsoon season since the winds blow due West instead of Northwest in the summer when we have a La Nina - so fingers crossed this is a short-lived event and we return to ENSO-Neutral or La Nina.

Bill Sampson

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This high pressure system is causing chaos everywhere. So far our rain year in California is 1/100th of an inch. Not good. Time for a rain dance.


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A foot just fell up at Duck Creek. That drainage is into Virgin River but I'm not picky at this point


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As of 4:30 1/21 in Evergreen, Co. we have a fresh 9" on the ground and still snowing!! Yes, I know the eastern slope don't help Powell, but the mountains are getting pounded. Sq
I am surprised you don't have more than that. I think we have close to that amount in Arvada.

Used the snowblower this am. Will go out and shovel/plow after the football game.


Dave I.

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At this point, every inch counts. Looking at the CDOT cameras, looks like Vail pass got a pretty good dusting but hard to tell how much on the screen. The Henry Mountains are somewhat white, but still a far cry from last year.
We didn't get wet here in Hanksville, but the concern is up in elevation.
Fingers crossed for a wet spring!
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