Smoked Striper Recipe

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Any ww fellas got a smoked striper recipe? Looking for something that will go good with crackers like smoked trout does. I always do my trout with 2 parts sugar, 1 part salt (brine) and some hickory chips in the smoker. Looking for advice prior to firing up the smoker for striper.

Thanks in advance!
I found the following recipe for salmon too sweet for striper and have not tried brining and smoking striper since. So, you may want to adjust the sugar.

5 lbs. salmon fillets
1 gal water
2 cp. brown sugar
1/4 cp. honey
3/4 cp. kosher salt
I've always smoked striper fillets after brining in non-iodized salt only. No other ingredients, especially sweetening. I don't smoke it until it's dried out like jerky so it has to be kept in the freezer. The meat still has some texture and is not totally dry. It also works great chopped and mixed to make a cracker spread or chip dip. Chuck
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