Smallie action Sept 10-15

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Arrived on the 10th at Bullfrog. After watching several boats being loaded from the Main ramp we decided to launch at the North ramp. The vehicles loading at the main ramp were pretty far in the water to get deep enough to get the boats loaded up. We were able to find a camp spot in Stanton Creek area. There was light rain and wind Sunday.
Monday- trip to the Escalante. We saw no boils on the way down nor on the way back in the evening. We looked for Striper schools at the mouth of Halls Bay and tried using spoons but not takers. Definitely need to learn how to target the stripers and locate them, then get them with spoons. Always something to learn and work on. The water temps on the fish finder were anywhere between 77-81 deg. We were able hit a few spots along the way in the main channel and get some Smallmouths. We arrived at the Escalante and the bite did not pick up for us until The late afternoon. Indian Creek produced good Smallmouths and one Striper using Ned rigs. ( the Deal and Goby Bryant colors)
Tuesday - Headed to Good Hope bay. We fished the Rocky structure along the shore to the floating restroom. No fish. :unsure: Traveled up to the Red canyon area and fished for a bite to no avail. I was dumbfounded. The water looks good and prime for catching fish. Good Hope area is one of my favorites but it took a long time to wash the Skunk off me but finally caught one Smallie. There was rain and wind. I’m starting to think the fish don’t like the wind any more than I do.:LOL:
Wednesday - Rincon/ Iceberg area. We fished Iceberg canyon and it produced well for us. We caught quality Smallmouth consistently and it was a perfect day. One interesting thing we say was there was a spot that was murky and looked stirred up. I saw a school of baitfish swimming around and bass chasing them. We locked on to this spot and proceeded to clean up on Smallmouth. Was so cool to see what the bass were doing to school up the bait fish. The size of the bass were great. We fished the North side of the Rincon Bay Area in the rocky coves and they produced good fish as well. Wednesday was a success .
Thursday - Headed to the San Juan. We fished the mouth of the San Juan and was able to catch Smallies immediately and consistently. They were good sized fish and as the saying goes don’t leave fish to find fish, we stayed in the mouth of the river and fished till the wind picked up and looked like rain. Since we were far from camp we headed back to Bullfrog. The trip down to the San Juan was definitely worth while and just needed more time to explore and fish. No boils were seen on the way back.
Friday - We loaded up and headed home.
One thing we noticed was the Park service was adjusting the main channel buoys. This was good to see. We say them up North, Bullfrog/ Halls, and the Rincon area servicing the buoys.
Overall the trip was a success and a great vacation. Always enjoy my time at Powell and glad to share with friends and family.


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