Slurp report - 7-21-2017

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wayne gustaveson

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I headed out early this morning to see if the slurp/boils were any better today than Wednesday. It was a bit windy to start so no slurps seen on the way up lake. It calmed a bit about 7 am. I looked in Face and found only 2 slurps that were up and down very quickly. No fish caught.

Headed uplake to Buoy 25 and found a few more fish. They were very quietly hitting the surface more in the channel than in the coves. These were up and down very quickly but I was in range 3 times for the next rise and 3 times I caught one fish.

They did not take the rattletrap but would hit the surface lure (Ima Skimmer) when it landed very close to the feeding fish. These were more like boils because the lure did not spook the school when it hit the water.

These 18 inch stripers are in wonderful condition. They are extremely strong and fight for all they are worth.

The lake traffic got busy about 9 AM and no more fish were seen on top so I headed in.

The morning was beautiful and the lake quiet. Its a great place to wake up to another great day.

sr721.jpg slramp.jpg burp721.jpg skimmer.jpg sbcool,jpg.jpg
Thanks for making me struggle even more trying to get through my work day. I am very excited for
BOIL season.
Saw many slurps and boils around the mouth of the escalate. The fish on top are short and fat. I trolled 16' divers and caught slighty bigger and less fat stripers.
Thanks for the update Wayne...we'll be heading back up there the Aug 18th-19th hoping to hit them right at the peak of Boil season!
We were in Rock Creek all last week, didn't see a single slurp (wasn't really looking either) Did catch a few stripers on the North wall in Rock Creek on Anchovies. 4 pounders in decent shape, stomachs had my chummed anchovies and crawfish.
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