Slow fishing out of Bullfrog Oct 13-17

Spent Thursday afternoon through Monday morning fishing out of bullfrog. My son had a 5 day weekend off school so we decided to head to Powell. I've had my butt kicked by full moons before so my expectations were low.

Sure enough, fishing was slow, in fact downright painful! My little 16 footer with its 20 horses doesn't get me anywhere far or fast so I'm pretty limited in range.

We made a quick run up to Moqui Thursday pm with no success for either stripers or smb's. I have a go to spot in there that always treats me well.

On Friday we made our big trek in our small boat up north. Waynes fishing report helped a lot! We pulled a few stripers up trolling in Knowles and had some success in popcorn as well. Caught some SMB dropshotting in a cove just south of forgotten on our way back down lake.

Saturday we started out at first light in Moqui and were pleasantly surprised with some quick surface action. Pulling spoons along the surface (kastmasters) and Zara spoons worked for a brief 10 minutes. That quick action netted 3 quick stripers. We were then able to jig up another 4 stripers from another school in the same area. The rest of the day was spent chasing smb's with limited success. We tried out lake canyon and halls creek bay and maybe netted 3 smallies.

We went back to our spot in Moqui on Sunday morning at dawn and had a repeat except this time we were a little more ready for the surface action. Five nice stripers and a smb wacked at our Zara spooks for about 15 minutes then it was back to jigging. We pulled up some really nice fat stripers using kasmasters but as soon as they started the school shut down and we were skunked for the rest of the day.

We hadn't had any luck anywhere else so we decided to try Moqui one more time on Monday but that full moon with no clouds must have made it seem like daytime to those fish as we were only able to jig up one nice striper all morning with no surface action. We decided to call it a day with the wind starting to pick up.

Despite the poor fishing, it was yet another fantastic Powell trip with great time spent with my son. That moon was amazing and the October weather unbelievable.

We threw everything we had and those darn fish from spoons to anchovies and while we came away with a few everyday it was certainly slow! Thanks to everyone, especially Wayne!
Thanks for the report. We're headed down on the 20th for a couple of days hope it picks up a little by then the kids have nerve fished for stripers.