SJ Fishing 6/10-6/13

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We fished from the bay at Cha to the wall opposite of Peek-a-boo arch from the 10th - 13th. Focused on LMB & SMB. Fishing was better than what we experienced in early May at the Rincon, but not nearly as good as we had last Sept on the Juan.

Hooked but didn't boat 2 really amazing LMB in the bay at Cha, accidentally caught 2 stripers, one in Deep and one in Desha; much fatter than those we've caught accidentally the past few years. Lots of BLACK SMB this year. A couple of sun fish and blue gills.

Wind was horrendous Sat - Mon, a bit lighter on Tuesday.

Water was STAINED!! all the way to Deep on Sat, and to Cha by Wed AM
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Those gnarly black smb are one of the coolest fish in the lake. How big were the ones y'all caught? Our 5day in mid May in Rock Creek area produced nada dark smallies but tons of little guys. My son in laws 21 foot glastron submarined once, the wind was horrible, one more wave and they would have sunk.
They were 8 -12 inches. I caught 3-4 of them, my husband and father caught 3 between them that I saw. First one I landed I was asking " what the h--l is this!"

I caught, but didn't boat a real ice SMB- had to be 18". So sad!! I fish with a 3.5" "crooked Creek" tube lure, my husband and father use a 2.5". I don't catch as many, but my overall size makes up for my lack of volume!

Can't wait for our July SJ trip. My. BIL who is a devoted Walleye fisherman is joining us for 10 days
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