Sierra club environmental impact study, midlake gas & ******* wake boat drivers - none are good

The problem is the Sierra Club won't stop with wake boats. If they get wake boats banned they will use the prescedent to go after all powerboats. That's how they operate. They tried the same thing around 20 or so years ago with jet skis. Fortunately enough folks smelled out their plan that it didn't succeed.

Don't get in bed with those people. They won't stop until they have control of everything. The leadership doesn't care about the environment. The environment is just a tool to achieve a bigger goal.

Ed Gerdemann
I agree with Ed. I get the feeling that if It were up to radical environmentalists I don't think they'd let anyone use public lands at all. I think they'd rather fence it off to keep the menace that is humanity away from it so that it remains unspoiled. This is the same set who dreams that in the future you might only be "allowed" one TransAtlantic flight in your life to save the planet. I think they are good with that so the landing patters are freed up for their private jets, they need those. Us peasants
don't need to fly or enjoy our open spaces, they'll keep that for themselves. Rules for these and not for me, these folks can go pound sand. Just because your enemy is my enemy doesn't make us friends, they have a dangerous agenda in my opinion. They'll come for your gas powered fishing boat next, watch.
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