Shadisfaction is for Sale!!!

Discussion in 'Yard Sale' started by mondofish, Feb 23, 2017.

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    1998 Myacht Houseboat

    A very nice Myacht! "Shadisfaction" is powered by twin newer Mercruiser Big Foot engines with 60 horsepower each and sleeps ten using two upper staterooms with two queen beds and two lower staterooms. It also has two full bathrooms. The kitchen offers a full dinette, lake to freshwater filter system, stove, oven, microwave and two refrigerators. New Hard Top Bimini, and a washdown pump. The vessel also comes with a VHF radio, stereo system, plenty of furniture, air conditioning, heating, a generator, battery charger, Two Solar Panels , Inverter , 6x 6 volt batteries, shore power and water heater. Very nimble...dual aluminum pontoons. This ready to head out vessel is currently Moored on a Buoy at Wahweap.
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  2. Joy

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    I'm sorry to hear you're selling Shadisfaction. :(
  3. GoldCup

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    Miss seeing you my old friend. The Shadisfaction became a part of the history on the board. I hope you and your family are doing well.
    On a side note; I know it's hell to get old. :( BTW Joy, I would like to make another trip up the Mokie dug way. but not with a generator
    in the back of the truck at one o'clock in the morning.
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  4. mondofish

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    Miss you Northerners too...we're gonna have to meet up sometime and do some fishin!!
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  5. mondofish

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    Installed a portable rear deck shade sail on Shadisfaction...worked out pretty slick...M
  6. mondofish

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    It is a bittersweet day....Shadisfaction has sold. I hope the new owners make as many memories in the ole girl as I have made. I'll still be up there but will be camping it from now on. M
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  7. botnb

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    Congrats, Mondo... it is usually a two way feeling , when you have to get out of a love...
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  8. Ryan

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    Congrats on the sale. I have heard that it isn't easy selling full ownership in a houseboat (both from an emotional as well as logistic standpoint). Good luck on the next chapter of how you will enjoy the lake.
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    Mondo! Congrats on the sale. The DotCalm still has room aboard. Just sayin'... ;)
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  10. weeds

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    Good going Mondo...hope to join you soon.
  11. mondofish

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    Well the ole girl is headed uplake to Bullfrog and her new buoy. It was sad to say gbye last weekend. I didn't know one could accumulate so much stuff in 10 Bittersweet to the end but I know she'll have a good home...Mondo
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    I'm sorry for your loss. See ya' in Sheridan. Give me a call. Sq