September 7-11 Trip Report


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We were able to sneak away for a nice trip out of Wahweap. We bumped the days forward due to imminent norther coming down the line. Turned out to be a great call as the system shoved all the smoke to the south (after one hot day of it on Monday). What a blessing! I still can't believe the satellite images of the river of smoke bypassing Powell to the south. Anyway, the 30+ degree overnight drop in temps allowed us to use our experience to still have a comfortable lovely time of skiing and hanging out. Boats ran great, the company was nice, the winds somewhat calm, and the sun warming things up on even the colder days. All in all, a superb time! Hope I can get back out for one more trip this season. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Also, no flat tires on the 55o mile tow, which is always a boost. Down side? My 2001 7.3 Excursion diesel sprung an oil leak. Page Ford said $4,000 to pull the whole engine to replace a small part where the dipstick tube meets the oil pan. I drove it home (while burning through 1.5 gallons of oil) and took it to the local diesel expert who said he invented a tool to access the problem whilst the engine is still "in place." Should be a couple of hundred bucks tops. He said he's seen a hundred of this exact case with the 7.3. Boy, I am sure glad for experts. BTW, this is the second bad result just after a Jiffy Lube oil change. Could be coincidence, but it sure makes me wonder...