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September 30, 2020 - Lake is cooling and less busy

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wayne gustaveson

Staff member
September 30, 2020
Lake Elevation 3596
Water Temperature 72-74 F

Weather is cooling making Lake Powell much more enjoyable. Nights are cool and days are warm. Fish are responding by moving a bit shallower, occasionally boiling in the northern lake, and responding over the length of the lake.

This week the best reports for boiling stripers came from White Canyon. It is a challenge to get to White Canyon since it is the furthest north canyon still accessible by boat. Some launched jet skis at the Hite raft takeout and made a quick trip to White. Be careful to watch for shallow spots that may be invisible due to murky runoff water. The other option is to launch at Bullfrog and run all the way to the end of the lake. There are more boil reports coming from White than the rest of the lake combined. This will likely be the last week that White is accessible by boat as the lake continues to fall another foot each week. Stripers are reported to be in great shape with some as big as 4-6 pounds.

More reports from the north lake came from Scorup and Red Canyon. Top water fishing was good for bass. The Whopper Plopper still catches lots of fish. Early and late are best but reports now say that surface lures work all day long.

You can catch walleye consistently on deep diving crankbaits. It is wise to match your lure with a flat bottom where the trolled lure hits bottom occasionally. Try to find a 12-15 foot deep ledge and then troll a deep diver that runs that deep and ticks bottom. It takes a while to learn this method of trolling, but once it is mastered, the walleye catch increases dramatically.

Fishing from Wahweap to Bullfrog is good. You can catch bass and stripers most often on deep trolling lures. The secret to catching fish is to watch the graph while trolling. Look for shad balls that tend to be in isolated locations at a depth of 30-60 feet. Mark that spot while trolling. Sometimes just trolling is enough to get the fish excited and catch bass, stripers, and walleye. If trolling lures are ignored then return to the shad balls and drop spoons under the shad and speed reel spoons through the shad to entice predators watching the shad hangout. If no fish respond midday then return to the shad spot early morning or late evening to find fish that are more willing to bite.

Smallmouth bass are hitting surface lures over the length of the lake. Early morning and late evening are best. During the day, bass are hanging out in 15-30 feet of water near rockslides and in brushy coves and occasional weed bed. Look for rocky points and saddles where bass spend their day while waiting for forage to swim by. Fish isolated rockslides lakewide to find smallmouth bass. Green plastic baits are still a favorite lure. Fish plastic baits near rocky structure to target smallmouth bass.

Tom from Pennsylvania caught some nice stripers in White Canyon
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