San Juan Report

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Tyler Allan

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We went up to San Juan last Wednesday-Saturday. We seemed to do better in the front to mid section of the coves. Main lake points had a few fish too. We caught Striper,LMB, SMB, Crappie, Walleye and even a shad:) most of the stripers were quite skinny. All of them were caught in coves on lures.IMG_3041[1].JPG Fish were caught on both double and single tail grubs. Only 1 on a rattlin rapala.

Water temps were any where from 55-62 depending on the depth, side of the lake, and water clarity. Had some nice winds on Thursday. We had to fish which ever way the wind pushed us. Friday was a very calm day, the water and scenery was beautiful. So grateful to be on Lake Powell!

Shad caught on a rapala as we were trolling with electric trolling motor. snagged on his dorsal fin!
How far up did you go, and was run off allready, bringing the mud and log's down? Appreciate, any info.
Have a good one.
We went up to where the river comes in by Neshaki. It was muddy there but no logs. River temp was 59 degrees. There will be no navigation issues to look out for other than the changing lake elevation can always keep one on the look out for those barely submerged rocks:)
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