San Juan, Oct 9-13


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Put in at Antelope and proceeded to the upper SJ on the 9th. Found a great sandy spot to camp half way between Piute Creek and Neskahi. Set up camp and immediately went to Great Bend area. Started trolling in 30' of water (slightly colored) with a chartruse shad Lucky Craft 13' diver on mono line and a grey/white Shad Rap (10' diver) on leaded line. Within 3 minutes we got a double and it was "game on". As long as we stayed in 22-35' of water catching VERY feisty, strong 3-4# stripers was regular with double fairly often. Fishing more shallow was not nearly as successful. There were two boils along the channel walls and we scored in both but they were only up for a few minutes.
The next two days were pretty much the same. I don't think time of day was relative except the only boils were morning and afternoon. We went for a swim in the first bay just upstream from Piute Creek (it's the biggest bay between Piute Cr and Neskahi) on the right side heading upstream. That bay had several striper schools which quickly devoured jigging spoons (Kastmaster silver/blue). Also graphed good striper schools in Cha so I'd assume you can catch fish most anywhere up there.
Chuck Fulton