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San Juan 9/15 & 9/16

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A quick note to thank those that reported the stripers in the mouth of Piute Canyon. They are still there and once you find them it will be a fish most every drop.
I found them between 65 and 45 feet. I literally got tired of catching them on spoons. (I was using a 2oz cabelas), So I wanted to see how else I could catch them. Most every thing worked from a tail spinner to a big horse hair jig. Most of the time the spoon would never reach the bottom, but if it did, speed reeling back up usually worked

I would leave and go catch smallmouth for a while then come back and load up on the stripers again. I repeated this many times both Saturday and Sunday. I can't imagine they won't be there for a while.
I was happy to share the info that got me on the stripers with another boat that I met in Deep Canyon. I later met them again in Piute and they had loaded up too.
There are so many stripers there that it's hard to imagine. I have never seen them that thick before.

There were some skinny stripers mixed in with the healthy ones. I have never seen that, seems like when you find a school they are usually from the same mold.
I was surprised that I never saw a boil in that area with so many stripers.

Thanks again to whomever reported and saved me a lot of time searching for the fish. On a quick 2 day trip that is invaluable.
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