San Juan 8/28-8/30


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We couldn’t resist the striper report from Mtkruzr. We were lucky enough to experience something similar a few years back in Cha and have been hoping ever since it wouldn’t be a once in a lifetime experience. We hit Piute creek about 12:00 Friday and stumbled on some mid day surface action while looking for a campsite. We quickly boated 20 2-4# stripers and a couple SMB with spoons and rattle traps. Next morning same thing, Sunday morning Ditto. .There were as many fish as you wanted to catch. The morning surface action was decent ( We did not experience any surface action at dusk )but dropping a spoon straight down was more effective and produced larger fish. Almost all the fish were healthy and good fighters. SMB were in the mix and 1 LMB as well. We caught fish in 20-80 of water. Temp 82*. 3/4 ounce spoon on 10# fluorocarbonCD959004-7E1B-4FFF-B66D-8F02A6F71D77.jpeg9F1FB1A8-5558-4C7B-9AA2-822CB36977AE.jpegFB73F21D-1C88-43B0-B5A3-80625BB5CCBE.jpegB7A6A74A-3C18-426A-BBED-FCC3646E3476.jpeg749FCEA0-D5F3-48F8-BB79-2727B5E0771F.jpegCD959004-7E1B-4FFF-B66D-8F02A6F71D77.jpeg9F1FB1A8-5558-4C7B-9AA2-822CB36977AE.jpegB7A6A74A-3C18-426A-BBED-FCC3646E3476.jpeg749FCEA0-D5F3-48F8-BB79-2727B5E0771F.jpeg was the gear for stripers. SMB were also cooperative casting plastic in 20-30’ water
Great trip although short.
One first- a fish was caught on the first cast every outing
We shared camp with some very noisy burros
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