Rock Creek Bay 8/3-8/10

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The family went out on the houseboat and towed a power boat to the end of Rock Creek. The day traveling to Rock Creek we saw a good striper boil midmorning at the mouth of Last Chance. We did not stop to fish the boil. We made our way to Rock Creek where we found our home for the next week. On these trips I generally fish early morning while the family is sleeping. I fished early every morning with striper boils present on all, but one day. The key was getting out at gray light. There was one day the stripers did not boil in the morning, however, I saw them around noon while the kids were tubing. I always take a “just in case” rod if there is a boil while the family is doing water sports. I was able to land one fish on the afternoon boil. The morning boils would be all around the end of the canyon and then as the sun came up the boils would be fewer and fewer. As the boils waned I did some trolling with some success on Lucky Craft lures. There were some big fish boiling around the boat!

Whopper Ploppers (90 grams) and Choppos (105 grams) were used while fishing the boils. I preferred the 105 gram for casting. The issue I had with these lures were the treble hooks getting caught up in the net. I plan on changing out and going single hooks for the trip next summer.

The water temperature was 79-80. The fish finder generally had the fish stacked thick in the 30-50 ft range. I tried a bucktail jig with and without a strip of striper to get the fish to bite with no success. I probably should have also tried a spoon in hindsight. The fish that were kept were plugged with shad which might have been a reason for the fish not really wanted to bite.

The big fish was a 4 ¼ pound striper caught by my son. I have never seen a smile like this on his face!

There were plenty of catfish for the kids to catch in the evening in 3-5 feet of water. The kids also caught some nice sized panfish the shallows fishing Berkeley Power Nibbles on a bobber.

I tried fishing a ned rig and jerk baits around the houseboat with no success.

Also, I took the family up to Rainbow Bridge late one afternoon, but did not see any boils from Rock Creek to Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you to all that contribute to this website! Your insight contributed to the successful fishing on the trip.

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