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Ribbon Canyon Boat Wreck


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I just registered for the forum here. I've been out to Lake Powell a few times (I live in Wisconsin), and hope to make a few more trips that way. On my last trip a friend showed me the old boat wreck in Ribbon Canyon. I'm just curious what the story is on that one. Haven't been able to find anything on the web, and thought maybe someone here would know. Thanks in advance.

Tiff Mapel

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Ah yes, Guido is still there. Trash Trackers found this wreck years ago. Back in 2005 when the water got to its lowest level since filling (3555) Jim Cross (Cross Marine Projects, American Fork, UT) donated his time, crew, and big boats with cranes to get all the wrecks out. Then they were all staged at Bullfrog for removal. Unfortunately, this one was forgotten. It's still there.... When we found it, we named it Guido. We gave all the boats names that we found. This one we figured was an insurance job, since all serial numbers and identification were scratched off, or forcefully removed. Maybe someday if the NPS is cruising by Ribbon with the buoy boat, they can go get it out of there.


Desert Dory

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And in May, water level about 3601.

We hid back there, and spent the night, on the day, I think the 19th, when it was blowing 40+ mph on the main channel.

If anybody finds a pair of well worn Rainbow flip flops up the hill next to my boat, I'd like to get them back please. I may have had a little too much to drink that night and managed to leave then there somewhere. 😀

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The plane is the one the olympic wrestler, Rulon Gardner, was in when it crashed in 2007 in Good Hope Bay. They were flying only 25 feet over the water.