Returning to Elevation 3588 in Lake Powell – Can It be Done?


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St George is an anomaly. Desert climate populated mostly by CA refugees or Northern Utah refugees (neither are native desert dwellers) and both groups are used to lawns. Also a preponderance of older folks who are not up to speed with arid landscaping. Demographics are changing but only slowly

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Not sure how this informs the current efforts raise the level of Powell, but it is an interesting read.

" ... average water flow ..." blah. What, since a million years ago? The 1922 Compact was signed-off against an "average water flow" that covered a few decades and look where we are now.


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Yes I referenced this study in another thread. Not sure anyone can tell you with any accuracy about the river flows back during the Roman Empire. Our tax dollars at work.

tree ring data may get there eventually. not sure how good it is at the moment that far back. another form of dating going back is pollen in layers of mud for places that have seasonal rains and a stable enough river delta where the sediments can fall out.

for much longer term dating and layers they've cored ice and been able to identify seasonal layers going back quite a long ways.