Report 10/17 - 10/21 Bullfrog


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Just wrapped up a week on the Lake and thought I'd throw out a report.

Some things I noticed.

Shad everywhere. Tons of shad up north near 2 mile. Then again in Halls creek bay, Bullfrog bay and Hansen.

Stripers were very picky. We got schools under us over and over....sometimes for 15-20 minutes and would only pull one or two out of the school and there was four of us dropping spoons on them. Not what I am used to. My only reasonable explanation is that there is plenty of shad they are chowing on and they had little interest in a spoon. We did have an extremely large school under us near dome rock for probably 45 minutes that we pulled out dozens out of. But surprisingly they too were a little picky and I feel we did as good as we did just due to sheer numbers of fish and how long they stayed under us.

The stripers in Bullfrog and Halls creek bay were young and healthy, the stripers up north were older and pretty skinny. Probably just the particular schools we hit.

Overall the week was pretty slow. It was really tough to get any substantial progress with the smallies and LM.

Except for today. We fished smallies ALL. DAY. LONG. And boated well over 100. We ended up keeping about 30 for dinner. Here is what worked for them. Rocky shorelines were great. If they were approximately 45 degrees was best. Bait used was a Maniac Cut R Bug in "changeable craw" color. We fished it with a couple different weighted jig heads, but ultimately the slower the retrieve the better. In fact, just cast it out, set your pole down take a drink and have a snack then pick it up and reel in the smallie. A little bit exaggerated, but you get the point. SLOW.

Hot spots. For stripers we did well in halls creek bay and bull frog bay near dome rock.

For bass we did well from the rincon to the escalante.

After a few days of slow fishing today was a nice change of pace. Good luck to any headed to the lake and hopefully I can be back in 2-3 weeks.