Red Lobster Striper

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We hit on this one on accident a few years back and it is always a hit with fellow houseboaters. Even the ones who don't like to eat fish.
Trust me, this one is easy and a big time hit!

Red lobster biscuit mix
Lowrys Seasoning
Butter- the more you use the more you will like it-duh

prepare the fillets like everyone says on here
melt about a half a stick of butter in a cast iron skillet for best results
mix 2 cups of the red lobster biscuit mix with 1/4 cup of Lowrys seasoning in a zip lock bag
drop fillets in bag and shake to cover with RL mix
fry in butter to a golden, flaky batch of goodness and watch the doubters be converted to striper, or any fish for that matter, in one bite
Walleye are my personal favorite and never get returned to the lake even though I'm a catch and release kind of guy.
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We’ve done it both ways and you are correct. Crisco will make it crispy as well. We love the buttery flavor of cooking it in butter but both are good depending on what you like.
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I ruined a batch of striper with this recipe 1/2 cup of lowrys is way to much so salty we couldn’t eat it
Using clarified butter allows for a higher cooking temp due to a higher smoke point. Higher temp equals more crispness. Clarified butter is pretty easy to make. Google it for procedure.
Tried the recipe with Walleye last night ,and used peanut oil in place of the butter.
It was very good, and will definitely use the recipe again!
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