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I am moving this historical document here because we found some long missing information on the big rainbow trout that was caught in 1976.
Link to Utah State record Fish:

Heaviest Fish Caught at Lake Powell (Weighed on certified scales)
Thursday, 14 April 2011 07:01 Wayne Gustaveson

James Maack with 3 pound 5 ounce black crappie


Bob Chubb with new lake record Channel Catfish 18.85 ponds caught in Wahweap Bay on an anchovy.


Over the long history of Lake Powell there are special times when a very large fish is caught and details documented. Here is a history of the largest fish caught and officially recorded. The fish listed here are the biggest caught in Lake Powell. Those denoted with an asterisk* are also the Utah State Record for biggest fish of the species ever caught in Utah.

SPECIES YEAR WEIGHT Length Angler Location

Largemouth Bass* 1974 10 lbs 2 oz 24 in Sam LaManna Warm Creek

Smallmouth Bass 2001 5 lbs 6 oz 19 in Eric Inman Lone Rock

Striped bass 1991 48 lbs 11 oz 45 inches Travis Jenson Wilson Creek

Black Crappie* 2009 3 lbs 5 oz 18.5 inches James Maack Escalante Striped Bass

Walleye 1991 9 lbs 15 oz 28 inches Lannie Sitterud Two Mile Canyon

Green Sunfish 1996 14.7 oz 10 inches Ed Goitia Rock Creek

Channel Catfish 2021 18.85 pounds, 30 inches, Bob Chubb, Wahweap Bay (2-15, 2021)

Northern Pike 1994 20 lbs 8 oz 42 inches Lloyd Knuckles North Wash

Tiger Muskie 2003 24 lbs

Rainbow Trout 1976 16 lbs 11 oz 32 inches LARRY LAWLESS Wahweap Bay

Brown Trout 1970 17 lbs ? Marv Smith Wahweap Bay

Carp* 1993 32 lbs ? Cougar Elfervig Bullfrog Bay

Gizzard Shad*** 2014 3.5 lbs 22.5 in Sam Sherwood Friendship Cove ***Not weighed on certified scale

* Also Utah State Record


Species Year Length Angler Location

Smallmouth 2019 21 in Richard Dickinson Wahweap

Unofficial weight 6 lbs 1 oz

Striped Bass 2019 44.5 inch Heather Litke San Juan Arm

*New Utah State Catch and Release Record - Officially recognized in 2019
Catch and release: Striped bass. Caught by Heather Litke at Lake Powell on March 16. It was 44.5 inches long.


Unofficial weight 35 pounds

Here is the updated information from Jim Lawless:
"I just found about your website and noticed some of the Lake Record Rainbow Trout information is void.

I’m Jim Lawlis and I worked at the Navajo Power Plant back in the early 70’s. My Son Larry was the one who caught the Rainbow below the restaurant in February of that year.

I had taken both of my sons down after work, I was planning on just enjoying the early evening, that didn’t happen. Larry had a Zebco $9 rod and reel and was using worms and marshmallows for bait.

At the time there was a tournament going on from a bait shop in Page (Stix Market), so we were all signed up. Larry won first prize. Game and Fish took a scale off the fish to be analyzed, I never heard of the outcome.

Wahweap Marina sent the fish to the Salt Lake and Phoenix Boat Shows, they also had a mount made of the fish and it hung on the wall in the Wahweap Lounge for years. They remodeled the lounge and a few years ago I contacted Wahweap Manager to see if they still have the mount, they thought I was in their warehouse, but never could find it. Wahweap took picture and made a brochure for promoting Lake Powell Fishing. Larry was 5 years old at the time. The fish was 32 inches long and 32 1/2 inch girth weigh was 16 11 ¾" .

Catch and Release record fish:


Olga and Clay Middlebrook were trolling in Ticaboo Canyon on August 23, 2018 using a crank bait and steel leader when Olga hooked this monster. The huge walleye was 11 pounds 4 ounces, weighed on a brand new digital scale. The fish was 31 and 1/8 inches long, with a girth of 17 and 5/8 inches. The fish was then released to swim and perhaps be caught again.

This fish is not a lake record because it was not weighed on certified scales. It is however the Catch and Release record for largest walleye released at 31 and 1/8 inches with a girth of 17 and 5/8 inches.


Walleye 2019 31 in Olga Middlebrook Ticaboo Canyon
* Also Utah State Record

Smallmouth Bass - Lake Powell Catch and Release Record

My fishing partner Richard Dickinson Strawberry Arizona and I were fishing on Friday April 26th. We were fishing the points in Wahweap. Rich caught a very large Smallmouth. The fish weighed 6.1 lbs., 21 inches long and had girth of 14.25 inches. We have been fishing together for 12 years at Lake Powell and usually fish 70-75 days a year. This is the biggest smallmouth bass we have ever caught in Lake Powell. He caught this on a Texas rig baby craw at 29 feet. We put her back as she was full of eggs. What a great fish way to go Rich!

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