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Got back a few days ago. This time I took my son and then my daughter
It's such a pleasure watching you and your family at the Lake!:)
Your sharing has been a real inspiration for my family to spend more time at Powell, enjoy becoming better fishermen...and spend more time together! We are indebted to you and yours for the time and effort it takes to so freely share your knowledge and joy. And are appreciative of the example it sets for us to aspire to greater adventures!
I am not much for crowds, so can certainly embrace the thought of having all of this to myself, but considering that is not often realistic...I am pleased it's good people like your family... and others that we have had the pleasure to meet at Powell and even get to "know" through this site, that we end up sharing this part of our life with.
I hope that somewhere along the way, we can contribute something to the order, as you have so often...
We enjoy your post's and look forward to many more!
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