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Real April Fools


Boy who cried Monster-Real Story of 2 April Fools
One fine spring on Powell up north, water level was down a bit, so any camping meant a hike up from the lake. Our chosen spot required a somewhat steep ascent up about 30 yards to the top.
Long about dusk, my turn to cook dinner, so prepping the fire and such, my partner was down at the boat fishing anchovies for whatever, then comes a yell, Help, Come down, I got a monster! So like an idiot I run down the cliff to find him bringing in about a 15 in. catfish. Really?
20 minutes later, same scene. And I fall for it again. About an 18 in. catfish. Well mister jokester for a 3rd time is yelling desperately, Help, Help, Help, non stop, so I take my time, grab my flashlight, and slowly walk down to find jokester hanging off the side of the boat, really just hanging on with tips of toes, So LMAO, I say just a minute, and walk back up and get my camera and slowly walk back down and snap this picture. (If you look closely, you can see his arm, holding his fishing pole, and face are totally in the water) After helping him back in the boat I asked why didn't you just go in. He says, I didn't want to get wet. He had leaned over, tried to grab his fish and slipped and went overboard. He was in that predicament a minimum of 20 minutes. Oddly enough, still caught the 20” catfish he had hooked, and never cried monster again.


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