Quick trip Sept 11-12, Bullfrog


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Got to the lake at around noon, had no trouble offloading at dirt ramp next to the real one. Headed uplake, beautiful day! No wind and temps very mild. Saw no boils at all. Wandered from Forgotten to Halls with no surface action. Stopped and sonared for schools- it was just like two weeks ago- they were there but not eating anything. Tried fast reeling through them, even my new shad assassin salt and peppers were ineffective. Decided to try my luck at crappie. Found little inlets with brush at the ends and tried jigging and even a worm. Finally tried a crankbait, and wow, smallmouth! After catching three in three casts my fellow fisherman got out his pole and we went at them. Spent the rest of the day hitting these same type spots and success nearly everywhere. Good sized smallies- 1 to 2 pound and fighting so fun on light tackle. Used middle diving silver colored baits, and they also took the green shaded varieties. They were uninterested in crawdad types. Decided going home empty handed because the stripers weren't eating is not going to happen again! Woke up Tuesday morning to overcast skies, but after not finding any boils we went back to smallie fishing and again success. Until the rain started and would not let up. Ended up pulling camp in the rain and heading for Bullfrog, since we were leaving anyway. You know how to stop the rain at Powell? Pull your boat out of the water! Probably last trip of the years since hunts are starting.