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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by upthecreek, Oct 26, 2016.

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    We found a few stripers Knowles yesterday and today. They were tight to the bottom at 60-70 feet and would only react half heartedly if the spoons hit right on them. Nothing would hold their interest for very long. Now for the question, there were a mixture of 16" to 18" inch fish that were fat and healthy and spitting up shad, but the 24" to 28" inch fish that were in the same spot were skinny and not worth keeping. Plenty of shad in the canyons so why are the older age class fish so poor?
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    Wayne has discussed this before (or at least I think this is what you are describing). The younger fish can tolerate the warmer surface temperatures, where the shad were for the past few months. They have been gorging on shad. The larger stripers cannot stay in the warmer water for long, and are effectively separated from an abundant food source. The water is cooler now, but those larger stripers will not likely survive the winter because their condition has deteriorated too much. And they also have had to deal with stratification and low dissolved oxygen issues, that also favor the younger stripers.
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    Good answer. I will only add that the big skinny fish are SLOW. They really can't catch enough shad to warrant them chasing fast shad around.