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Question for Wayne and Others Regarding Carp Behavior

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Bill Sampson

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Wayne, last weekend I was at the far North end of Lake Mead, where the Colorado flows in close to South Cove. We had lunch at the southern end of the debris field, along with a large group of mud hens. After a few minutes we started hearing fish splashing. We noticed that in many areas the carp would swim to the surface, and it appeared float on top of the wood debris, then have to splash to get back underwater. They camouflage really well into this background, so at first they were not easy to see. Is this a style they use to feed, or am I missing something?


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They also feed on the surface slurping debris, a foam line or insects. You'll see singles or a whole pack. They're a lot of fun for me to catch on dry flies, being the flyfishing addict I am... They remind me of flats salt water fishing where you spot a moving target, present the fly perfectly, then watch the take., then hold on! Doesn't hurt they're 6-20+ pounds and real strong. I've broke a few rods having too much fun. They are a nice diversion sometimes on the lake, and they get me shaking a little.
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