Project Proposal north of Bullfrog

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Issues' started by Tiff Mapel, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. Tiff Mapel

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  2. Ryan

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    Very interesting. I hope they can get enough business to support it. I wish there were more amenities at Bullfrog.
  3. PowellBride

    PowellBride Well-Known Member

    That could be a big deal for those of us on the north end. If you look at what Ticaboo lodge is doing, (remodeling, more rentals for on & off lake activities, working with BLM to create ATV & bike trails) this would be in direct competition with the lodge and offerings they have. What is really worrisome, is now that Ticaboo owns OffShore, if the lodge were to lose business to a competitor, would the dry storage and mechanical services that OffShore offered be sustainable?

    That all assumes someone will bid to build this - especially in light of the ongoing efforts by environmental groups to remove the dam, and the constant media coverage of how Lake Powell is drying up
  4. Endurance

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    I don't envision enough north end business to sustain this kind of development. The photos of thriving resorts in the request for proposal look great and all, but I can see this turning out more like Porky's, the BBQ and T-Shirt shop just north of Bullfrog. It lasted -- what -- two seasons?
  5. Chet Garling

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    It seems to me that with Ticaboo already in place with some infrastructure it would be a better choice for a location, and for those of us who have been driving by Ticaboo for so long know how it ebbs and flows with the economy of Lake Powell.
  6. PowellBride

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    I just finished reading the proposal - WOW. Very ambitious, and if it gets built I know I won't be able to afford it. Looks like they are hoping to attract something similar to the Amangiri that's on the south end of the lake.
  7. Bart

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    Doubt they will find investors nor end buyers.
  8. BartsPlace

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    All I want is a Little Caesars Pizza with delivery to houseboats, hotel rooms, and nearby campsites! That thing could rake in the cash. Maybe I'll look into one...
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  9. Dungee Fishing

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    Dang, this headline got my hopes up for something at Farley or Hite.
  10. botnb

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    What is the plan for electricity? They never used to have it when I was boating all those years around B.F. and Halls.
  11. Leardriver

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    I seem to remember staying at Ticaboo lodge and they had to use diesel generators.
  12. botnb

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    I remember when the generators were right next to the gas station at B.F.
  13. Squirrel

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    I still want the A & W at Offshore/Ticaboo for a large root beer float for the roadtrip home. BTW, the new store next to where the A & W was had a pretty good selection of supplies in stock. Sq
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  14. Ryan

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    When did you visit last Squirrel? I stopped in during my last trip (November), and was kind of disappointed.

    And for the record, 100% on the root beer float.
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  15. Squirrel

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    We stopped there in the spring (May) when we went to the San Juan with TR. Granted, it was the only time we stopped in there, they had just opened. Been back to the lake a few times more, but didn't stop there after the first time. Chomping at the bit to get back, but it will have to be when I don't have to winterize the boat again, MARCH. Sq
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  16. Dave I.

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    Every business/operation at any of the north end locations use generators for electricity. I've worked at Aramark (Bullfrog and Halls) and JNB Welding and generators are their only source. Maybe a resort like this would change that for everyone down there.
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  17. botnb

    botnb Well-Known Member

    I've often thought about that fact, and wondered how they sold any of the homes by the old Napa store, with only gen. power... I haven't been around BF, since the Shad Rally, in '12... I sure miss it !!! p1010046_0046 [640x480].jpg
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  18. botnb

    botnb Well-Known Member

    I've often thought about that fact, and wondered how they sold any of the homes by the old Napa store, with only gen. power... I haven't been around BF, since the Shad Rally, in '12... I sure miss it !!! View attachment 223
  19. Dave I.

    Dave I. Well-Known Member

    I've talked with several of the locals at Ticaboo and they all say the power is very expensive. Couldn't even imagine how much diesel it would take to run a small town, let alone something like Bullfrog Marina. Solar would be a great alternative, but...
  20. botnb

    botnb Well-Known Member

    I don't see much hope for real development, without permanent electricity.

    Yeah, but is that Port, when you are facing the bow or the stern ????