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wayne gustaveson

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Message Board Posting Guidelines

The Bulletin Board is one of the tools I use in my single minded attempt to manage Lake Powell fisheries to be the best they can be.

My main purpose is to manage fish but to do that I need to embrace ALL users of this wonderful resource. A boater, wake boarder or hiker may decide to fish if the right opportunity presents itself. Until that happens, I will let boaters talk about boats and boarders talk about boards and so on.

The Lake is under attack from a vocal minority that would see the lake drained. The vast, but often silent, majority needs to be aware of the political attacks and media campaigns waged against the very existence of Lake Powell. You can choose to surf the site and look for the comments that interest you.

This site is a free service without commercial sponsorship. It is hosted by Yamamoto Custom Baits. I thank them for the kindness.

You may create a profile by registering on the website before posting. All are welcome, just respect the rights of others and follow these simple rules (Guidelines for the individual forums are the same):

  1. Use of profanity or any language suggesting profanity (abbreviations) will result in deletions.
  2. Posting anything of a pornographic nature will result in an immediate suspension of privileges.
  3. No personal attacks will be tolerated. Please post facts and opinions in a general nature without making an attack on any person or individual. DO NOT MAKE IT PERSONAL. If you mention another person's name in a heated discussion, your post may be deleted. If you make reference to another person in anger your post may be deleted. Stay on topic. Long discussion threads sometimes evoke emotions. Posting more than 3 times in a single thread may be grounds for deletion unless the thread is positive and general in nature.
  4. Moderators of my choosing will have authority to enforce these guidelines. Moderators will suggest punitive measures when rules are broken. I will confer and then administer those sanctions.
Thanks for abiding by my rules. Use the discussion pages to learn more about the beauties of Lake Powell and how to increase your enjoyment of this great resource. It is not my intention to be fair to everyone that uses these Boards. I definitely favor those that share information in a positive manner. If you are a negative poster who looks at the dark side and detracts from the good then this may not be the place for you. I look at Lake Powell through rose colored glasses. If you disagree with that approach then go somewhere else.

Finally the most important rule: "If I don't like it, then I can remove it from my Board".

Suggestion: It is poor etiquette to post a whole message in capital letters. In message board protocol ALL-CAPS indicates that you are shouting or yelling.

(These are the guidelines from the old Bulletin Board that still apply to this one) I want all to have an opportunity to express an opinion, but it must be done in a positive fashion without profanity or anger.

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