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attempting to Upload from camera roll on my iPad (not iCloud) resulted in the error message "doesn't have allowed extension".

AFAIK they are stored in Apples PNG format. Any suggestions?
Hmm... worked for me from iPhone 6. I'll open a conversation (PM) and maybe we can walk through what we're doing differently.
I tried several from the camera roll on my iphone and got the same error message each time; "The upload file is too large for the server to process"
I tried several from the camera roll on my iphone and got the same error message each time; "The upload file is too large for the server to process"
Test from iPhone now (6s)

Got the above message, did a screenshot, chose that as the upload file, and that worked, but not my chosen photo...that resulted in the screenshot message
Okay, I'll do some digging through the logs to see what might be happening. In the meantime, I'm going to move these posts into the Help Desk area so as not to clutter our photo stream. :)
Looks like you can get a free app (Desqueeze is one) that will allow you to resize photos in bulk or you can resize a photo by emailing to yourself. I found this on the web (

  1. From the Photos app, select the photo(s) you want to resize then tap on the “Share” option (the little arrow icon)
  2. Choose “Mail” and select the recipient, choosing your own email as the recipient if you want to just resize an image and share it with yourself
  3. Tap on “Send” to bring about the resize options, choose one of the following to change the resolution of the picture as follows:
    • “Small” is 320×240 – so small it’s basically useless, hard to imagine a scenario where this size would be appropriate
    • “Medium” is 640×480″ – probably what ‘small’ should be
    • “Large” is 1632×1224 – exactly half of the full size image, the halving applies to all iOS devices for now
    • “Actual” is 3264×2448 – the full size image taken from the iPhone camera, not resized or compressed
Thx PowellBride. I was hoping for a less circuitous route to post a photo. I think the images from the 6s are quite large as I attempted it again (non pano or HDR shot) and got something to the effect that "this image is too large to process " before offering the option to resize for posting.
Yeah, the sizing issue is a tough call. We can up the limits, but our hosting costs eventually go up as well. Do we really want to be a photo hosting site? Or, just a place where friends can share a (resonably-sized) memory or two? Apart from the cost of storing large media files is the amount of data we then force through the pipeline when someone browses the site via mobile devices. Even worse, they might be on the lake with limited data. Wish there were an easy answer! :)
image.jpeg Apple could solve the problem by adding a "resize option/copy as"in the edit option in Iphotos. Per your request, I'll try another upload with no email to resize from the iPad....(which didn't work. A resize did work) And I agree with you on small size photos since on a screen small files still look great. I guess it's going to be hit or miss from the phone as I just realized this photo was loaded off my camera onto the iPad a few years ago and I'm sure I downsized it substantially.
Retest from iPhone native size...file too large. I'll just wait til I go home when I'm on the lake. Thx for your time and efforts Bart!
Glad you had (some) success. I'll keep my eyes/ears open for other possible solutions. You sure have some awesome photos!
It would be awesome to have a separate photo album. In fact, I have been thinking about this for a long time. We could have a photo contest and put the best photos in the album. But I don't think we will have the space on the server to have big photos on the BB. There would be too many and not enough storage space. I suggest looking for a photo album and then have a vote from the members to see which pictures are put in the album. We could keep in down to about 100 best of the best pictures.

An alternative for photos might be to create a photo album by month, quarter or year, and systematically delete photos once they reach a certain age.
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