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Popcorn Canyon

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Headed down to Powell the week of the 17th. We will be there all week. We will be staying in Bullfrog and traveling each day to different parts of the lake. Will get down to Rincon and Escalante a day or two and up to Good Hope Bay area a day or two and then probably spend a day or closer to Bullfrog. But when we do get up to Good Hope I'd like to check out Popcorn Canyon. Can somebody please shed some light on exactly where that is for me?

Much appreciated!

Gem Morris

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I think this is it. If you go please post your results - I may go there next month.


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hmmm...that looks like Fish Tail canyon! (not saying it's not Popcorn...)
That's what was recently described as Popcorn Canyon. I found a small school of willing stripers, some smallmouth and a decent largemouth in there last Saturday, all in less than 20' of water.


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I'm pretty sure popcorn is caddy corner of the bend where the floating restroom is. Caddy corner as in northeast around the bend from restroom.
If I'm accurate, there isn't much of a canyon there at this time. It's more like a cut or cove.

wayne gustaveson

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Popcorn is the canyon that is circled on Gem Morris' map in this thread. We spooned up stripers in front of the island 2/3 of the way back in the canyon. I saw a small early morning boil near the island on Monday morning Oct 10.

I did not fish in Red Canyon this trip due to lack of time but the grebes were still there. We usually do better in Red than Popcorn. I will be back there on Nov 1-2 and will let you know how we do.


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Excellent! Thanks for all the info. Headed down on Monday for the week. I'll post back with our results!
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