Poor Man's Lobster - Steve Noliner

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Cut the fillets into one inch cubes.
Bring about a half quart of REGULAR Seven-Up to a boil.
Drop in the fish cubes. Depending on altitude, they will cook up in a matter of a
minute, at the most two, at sea level. However, at our cabin at 7,500', it took a
little longer. Not much longer, but it did take more time to bring the Seven-Up to a boil.
After you cook two batches (ten pieces or so each time) replace the Seven-Up
with a fresh bottle as the fish will suck up the sugar in the Seven-Up. Then dip
the cubes in MELTED BUTTER. I tried it on eight guests at our cabin and they
all guessed it was lobster. Try it with stripers and it will work great.

A recipe for white bass, crappie, and other smaller fish.
Scramble a couple of eggs in a small bowl. Drop the fillets in the "scrambled
eggs" so they are very moist. Then put Betty Crocker POTATO BUDS in a
small one quart freezer bag and shake the fillets around until the potato buds
stick to the fillets. Drop the fillets in a quality oil, peanut or your choice, for a
minute or so, until brown and they will float. You end up with a fillet encrusted
with potato.
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