Please keep your VHF turned on 24/7

Grant Stevens - USBR

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Note: This is a re-posting of an old expired thread. I believe it has good safety info, admin’s please delete if this is frowned upon.

Hey Folks,
With the high canyon walls, and the sheer size of Lake Powell, we know all communication on Lake Powell is limited including VHF. It's been mentioned the Park Service has an antenna on top of Antelope Mountain, but often the closest help is the boat across the channel from you. Realize it will take hours for the Park Service to get to you at night after hours.

Let's help each other out and agree to keep our radios turned on 24/7 (yes, I know it's annoying to hear rental houseboats calling the marina all day long, but keep reading below about turning the volume all the way down.)

If you have a DSC capable VHF radio, with a MMSI number assigned and a GPS connected:

  • Keep your VHF turned on 24/7
  • Optionally turn the volume all the way down, it will still alarm like crazy if a DSC alert is received. If an alert is received, turn the volume back up to hear the subsequent voice call.
  • If you hear a distress call that is not acknowledged, relay to the Park Service by VHF or 911. A generator that won’t start on a rental houseboat is not an emergency…
  • Notify others if an emergency exists. For example, if you get hit by a dangerous monsoon, when safe immediately transmit a DSC “all ships safety call”, NOT the red button. Select from the radios menu DSC Call/All Ships/Safety Call, this will cause all radios in range to ring and alert and switch to 16 so they can hear your subsequent voice call. Once sent, immediately follow up with your voice call on 16:
"Securite, Securite, Securite, this is Bubba, currently experiencing a Monsoon at Rock Creek with winds in excess of 50 knots, it is heading down river, get ready..."​

For Fun:
Also for fun, everyone program in a group MMSI of 022 222 222, the "Official" non official Wayneswords group code??? If you do a group call to that code (where you specify channel 68 for example), any radio with the same group code programed in will ring and if accepted will switch to channel 68. After sending the group code, follow up with a voice call on 68 "Hey Wayneswords folks, where are the stripers biting today???

Let's hear your thoughts on the above?