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Please keep your posts on-topic


Staff member
Hi all -

I received many complaints about an off-topic thread recently. The post in question had nothing to do with fishing or recreating at Lake Powell. Contrary to popular belief, I do not (and cannot) sit at a computer all day watching every post that comes to Wayne's Words. I was driving from AZ to UT at the time and had no way of knowing it had been posted until last night. I'm sorry that it wasn't taken down sooner. There is enough division invading our daily lives. We do not need to face it here.

This site is meant to be a community of sorts. We must each do our own part to add value - and also show restraint by keeping on topic. If there is a post that is clearly beyond our core mission of improving fishing/recreating experiences at Lake Powell, please feel free to click the "Report" button. That will send me a message and let me know that there's something that needs my attention.

Along those same lines, there are a lot of mixed responses to the Funny Meme thread. I know it's been a nice moment of escape/humor for many. In an effort to keep it, rather than trash it, I'm going to take a stab at removing the non-fishing/boating posts. If one of your posts is removed, it's not personal, just an attempt to get back to our core purpose.

Thank you!