Planning a trip for April - Need Help


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Hey Everybody, I am new to the board.

I am planning a trip for mid to late April to Lake Powell, I have lived in Utah my whole and never been. Its just going to be me, my dog, and the fishing rod for 3-4 days.

I will be shore fishing/ may get a sit on top kayak and shore camping.

I hear Farleys Canyon is beautiful. I know there is a primitive campground there. Is this a good spot to setup camp? I am kind of limited to the spots where I can drive into/ walk into because I have no boat. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also what species are usually found around Farleys Canyon? I am a warm water fishing newbie, have been trout fishing for the better part of 25 years.

Thanks any help you can offer. If anyone wants information on fishing the Uintas I can point you in the right direction.
You might consider going later in the month if possible. At the rate the snow is falling this year, it could be a late Spring. In a year like this, you'll likely have a better chance that the fish will be in shallower by going a tad bit later. Especially if you're shore bound. At the very least, a float tube would at least give you some mobility. Just stay close to shore if the wind kicks up. Focus on the warmest water you can get to in the backs of shallow canyons and you should find plenty fish of all species.

As far as the techniques.... If you're used to jigging for brookies in the Uintas with marabous or gulp minnows or the like, I think translates fairly well to catching bass by jigging with plastics. There's a ton of info on the main site here in the fishing tips section.

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Mid to late April is perfect. That is when everything will start biting and fishing is great, keep an eye on water temperatures, 60 is the magic number but I've found anything 56 and above can be just as great. If you have a flexible schedule pick he best weather weekend and go once mid April hits. This year we'll be there early March, beginning of April and then the weekend after Mothers Day. If you have a kayak it will obviously open up your options and you can extend into White and Trachyte Canyon. The biggest issue you might run into at Farley is dirty and low water, the lower the water the less spots that ar accessible to the water. At this level Farley is essentially the top of the lake and will probably be pretty dirty the time you are going.

If you have good 4 wheel drive I'd suggest driving down the Blue Notch road into the Red Canyon area, even without a boat you'd have a lot of shoreline accessibility to fish and you'd be safe from dirty water. As far as what to use there are lots of resources. I'd take some shallow running crawdad crank baits and some brown and green soft plastics, grubs, tubes, etc.