Plankten eating striper questions

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  1. Tying up some flies for a spring (april) lake powell trip. Mostly the standard clousers and other bait Fish patterns. After reading reports of stripers on the surface I got to thinking if it would be productive to fish very small flies. Are the zoo plankten in powell similar to myasis shrimp? Anyone have photos of the plankten in powell?
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    Their are no mysis in LP, and the zooplankton are very small (1/16th of an inch or so). Even when there are no shad around, you can still get them on small bait fish patterns......
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    Poppers are awesome for stripers but not in April, they will be deep. Clousers always work, try all white with peacock herl on top. I tie them from a 6 to a 2/0, all saltwater hooks. You can also try some white or cream puglisi fibers high-tied and small. You can always cut them down more when you are there. I tie those real simple...just one bunch stacked. And they work very well. Bring a sinking line.

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    The two most common types of plankton in Lake Powell are


    and Daphnia


    Daphnia are the largest commonly found plankters

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    Wayne, what are the actual size of the plankton? Sq
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    Daphnia (Cladoceran) in Lake Powell are tiny at 0.2–5 millimetres (0.01–0.20 in) in length. Almost microscopic, but then all small things are microscopic to me now without my glasses on.
    These are the favorite food of all small fish in the lake.

    Copepods are smaller by half the size and are microscopic. Fingerlings eat these when Daphnia are hard to find.