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Cleaned some fish and tossed the carcasses by the toon, hoped to bring in some cats to catch.
With in a couple hours they were gone. Bunches of little cats from 6" to maybe a pound just cleaned them up.
We did not catch any cats that night.
I've often noted that fish carcass left in a few feet of water disappear in a very short time. Must get drug into deeper water and then go into the food chain.
  1. WOW gotta get way up there someday. The San Juan is the only water I haven't been on on this lake.
It looks just like my screen saver picture which was taken looking East of the wall on that side of the big bay where Piute and Neskahi are. Its the wall all along the upper part of that big bay and close to where the channel narrows going to the Great Bend.
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